Rigorous Investigation, Strategic Case Building And Alignment With Clients’ Goals

Any letter or call from the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice or other such agency indicating that an investigation into misconduct is underway is obviously a serious matter. The concern and stress you may be feeling — even if you believe you have done nothing wrong whatsoever — would be difficult to overstate. Please consider that:

  • Counsel from a qualified attorney as early in the case as possible could be critical
  • Should your case be investigated by the office of the Minnesota Attorney General, a contested court hearing is a distinct possibility
  • Our firm has exceptionally qualified investigators on staff, and we can match the rigor of any agency investigation in the effort to build the best case possible for you

At this pivotal time, we can help you understand your legal rights and protect them to the maximum extent. Our Minneapolis-based lawyers for professional license defense are highly regarded for preserving our clients’ reputations and resolving complex matters with minimal media coverage or publicity whenever possible.

To discuss your own challenge as a licensed professional or a potential referral, we encourage you to contact us at Kelley, Wolter & Scott, P.A.