A Boutique Law Firm Focused on High-Stakes, Complex Civil Litigation and White-Collar Criminal Defense

Much of our finest work never makes the news.

Practice Areas

White Collar Criminal Defense

Our law firm has earned a national reputation for excellence in white collar defense.

Federal Charges

Our attorneys appear frequently in Minneapolis, St. Paul and other U.S. District courthouses. 

Complex Civil Litigation

Our law firm is built to manage the rigors of intricate, financially pivotal disputes that often involve multiple parties and government agencies.

Internal Investigations

If allegations of fraud, ethics violations or other misconducts have surfaced in your organization, turn to our firm to handle the matter. 

Grand Jury Witness Representation

If you have received a subpoena to appear before a grand jury, let our experience in hundreds of cases protect your interests.

Professional License Defense

Our law firm is a proven resource for doctors, dentists and other professionals who are facing allegations that put their rights to practice and their careers on the line. 

Leading Minneapolis Attorneys For White Collar Criminal Defense And Civil Litigation

Individuals and institutions facing government investigations and the prospect or reality of high-stakes litigation turn to Kelley, Wolter & Scott, P.A., with confidence. They base their trust primarily on our attorneys’ excellent credentials and track records of delivering effective representation in state and federal courts. From our law office in Minneapolis, we represent clients in the Twin Cities and throughout Minnesota.

Credentials And Accomplishments That Justify Our Clients’ Trust

Within the legal community and among our valued clients, Kelley, Wolter & Scott, P.A., is known for obtaining outcomes that preserve reputations and minimize public fallout. We bring rigor, balance and integrity to each matter. Our principal attorneys’ accomplishments in government service and private practice have spanned many high-profile cases across four decades.

When a government investigation, internal investigation or criminal allegations first come to light, it is critical to consult highly experienced defense counsel. Our Minneapolis-based white collar crime attorneys include former federal and state-level prosecutors. Our lawyers have experience within federal government agencies. Simply stated, we bring invaluable insight and directly relevant qualifications to every case.

Although our accomplishments stand up to those of much larger firms, we have chosen to stay lean and focused. We collaborate extremely well with other attorneys, and our reputations serve clients well in administrative, civil and criminal proceedings. 

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