Minneapolis Lawyers For Ponzi Scheme Litigation

Our firm has gained national recognition for its legal work and public service in connection with the most significant Ponzi scheme in Minnesota history. As a result, our lawyers have become a key resource for other firms when major fraud allegations come to light nationwide.

Extensive Experience From Multiple Perspectives On Investment Fraud

Prior to the conviction of Thomas J. Petters and several associates on federal fraud charges, principal attorney Douglas A. Kelley was appointed as the equity receiver in this case by the presiding U.S. District Court. He continues to act as bankruptcy trustee for the major companies Mr. Petters owned. In collaboration with Steven E. Wolter and our associates, he has recovered more than $300 million by liquidating assets, pursuing litigation and settling "clawback" claims against those who received funds from this historic Ponzi scheme.

In addition, Minneapolis attorneys for Ponzi scheme allegations at our firm have:

  • Performed financial analysis and forensic accounting as part of the investigation of numerous other highly complex, high-value white collar crimes and conspiracies
  • Received prestigious honors through their efforts in such cases, including the U.S. Attorney General's Distinguished Service Award
  • Worked extensively on the defense side in a myriad of white collar criminal cases

The legal team at Kelley, Wolter & Scott, P.A., is exceptionally well equipped to manage all aspects of litigation associated with alleged hedge fund fraud or other investment schemes. We have decades of experience at trial in federal courts and the human and technological resources to collect and review the expansive documentation associated with such claims.

To schedule a consultation on your needs involving an emerging Ponzi scheme case or an issue within the realm of our other practice areas, contact our firm today.