Minneapolis Lawyers For Grand Jury Witness Representation

For attorneys at Kelley, Wolter & Scott, P.A., U.S. District Courts in Minneapolis, St. Paul and elsewhere are extremely familiar territory. Our experience in hundreds of cases requiring rigorous defense of corporate and individual clients' interests could be the difference-making factor for you if you have received a subpoena to appear before a grand jury — or to provide documentation relevant to a possible federal case.

Upfront Counsel And Intervention Is Critical In Any Federal Case

It would be a serious understatement to say that the rules and processes associated with grand jury hearings are unique within our justice system. Key considerations include:

  • You may have no clear sense of whether you are being called to testify only as a witness with knowledge of the facts relevant to an investigation or as a "target" who could ultimately face federal felony charges.
  • You must have confidence that your attorney has extensive knowledge of your constitutional rights, including the right not to incriminate yourself — and that communication with federal prosecutors is a proven strength.
  • The law firm you choose in this pivotal time should be one that makes investigation a clear priority.
  • Preparing a witness effectively to provide grand jury testimony is absolutely critical.

Turn To A Lean, Focused Law Firm Where Your Case Will Be A Priority

If you are seeking a Minneapolis-St. Paul attorney for representation of grand jury witnesses, we encourage you to consider our law firm's legacy and qualifications. Our partners include a former assistant United States attorney and a renowned defense lawyer and constitutional law authority who has tried more than 100 cases in federal courts.

Our Minnesota law firm is structured to deliver focused, personal attention to every case. Our ability to handle complex, high-stakes criminal and civil litigation and achieve favorable outcomes is apparent in our work on some of the highest-profile, most sensitive cases in our state's history. For a consultation focused on your specific concerns and legal options, call or email us now.