Minneapolis Lawyers For Criminal Tax Fraud Representation

At Kelley, Wolter & Scott, P.A., we are well equipped to address businesses' and individual clients' serious tax concerns. Our firm has relevant qualifications and experience that extend to defense against criminal tax charges at trial in federal court. We are highly sensitive not only to financial and possible criminal penalties, but to peripheral consequences such as damage to your reputation as a business owner, executive, licensed professional or public official if your tax case is publicized.

We offer counsel and representation throughout every aspect of investigations conducted by the Internal Revenue Service-Criminal Investigation Division (IRS-CID). The most serious charges that may be filed include tax evasion and willful failure to file tax returns. We also offer services during the audit phase and when clients are confronted by collections officers.

Former IRS Agents To Build Your Case And Help Protect Your Interests

Attempting to negotiate with tax authorities on your own or through an accountant or tax preparer alone involves serious risk. We have a lawyer and investigator on hand who are also CPAs — and two of our staff investigators are former IRS-CID special agents. Their inside knowledge of that agency's auditing methods, together with extensive prior experience in complex matters of federal tax evasion and conspiracy, may well prove critical in your case.

Investigative Rigor To Prevent Indictment Or Prepare For Trial

You can turn to our tax law team for services such as:

  • Focused representation throughout an IRS investigation, including developing and filing responses to summonses for financial records and testimony
  • Negotiation in the effort to avoid any criminal indictments if possible
  • Rigorous defense against felony tax evasion and other charges that may arise from failure to file returns, failure to report all business or personal income, taking fraudulent deductions or diverting business income to offshore accounts without properly reporting it
  • Negotiations for offers in compromise (OIC) and filings for innocent spouse relief

If you need a criminal tax fraud attorney in Minneapolis, St. Paul or elsewhere in Minnesota, we encourage you to contact our firm and request a consultation.