Investigators At Kelley, Wolter & Scott, P.A.

If you are facing the prospect or reality of litigation in state or federal court, your choice of a law firm to represent you is all-important. A few critical factors sometimes go unnoticed. Does the law firm you are considering have a track record of excellence in investigation as well as litigation? Will the investigative aspects of your case be handled with the utmost skill and diligence? Might rigor in investigation enable you to avoid indictment altogether?

The credentials of the principal and associate attorneys at our Minneapolis law firm tell only one important part of our story. Knowledge of all applicable laws, judicial precedents, effective trial strategies and the nuances of court procedure are pivotal. However, outcomes in complex litigation — criminal or civil — often turn on the facts and evidence exposed by professionals with directly relevant experience gained outside of any courtroom.

Formal Federal Agents · Outstanding Credentials For Fact-Finding And Analysis

It comes down to the professionals available to work on your case. If you turn to Kelley, Wolter & Scott, P.A., you may benefit from the knowledge of professional investigators such as:

  • James Molnar — an investigator who formerly served as a special agent in the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and also as an intelligence analyst for terrorism activity at the U.S. federal level
  • Pam Myre — also a CPA and former special IRS agent, who has worked extensively in the areas of health care fraud, mortgage and securities fraud.

We emphasize this aspect of our law practice because it truly matters. Our track record of success is grounded in what our carefully selected, impeccably credentialed investigators have accomplished. Whether your needs involve an internal investigation or defense against allegations that have escalated to the level of federal criminal charges, we encourage you to contact us and discuss viable strategies.

James Molnar:

James Molnar

Jim Molnar is the firm's main investigator. He joined the firm after retiring from the Internal Revenue Service-Criminal Investigation Division with 25 years' experience as a Special Agent. He also worked for 7 years as a private investigator and served as an Intelligence Analyst for Terrorism Activity for the United States Attorney's Office for two years.

Mr. Molnar has extensive training and experience in financial investigations involving fraud and misapplication of funds. He has personally conducted hundreds of investigations into allegations of civil and criminal fraud and misconduct of judges and other public officials. Jim has testified extensively as both a fact and expert witness in dozens of criminal and civil matters.

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Career Highlights:

  • 25 years as a Special Agent, Criminal Investigation Division of the Internal Revenue Service, retired March 1995
  • Seven years experience in private investigations, primarily in the area of financial fraud
  • Extensive specialized training in white-collar financial investigations concerning fraud and misapplication of funds
  • Qualified as an expert witness regarding fraud and indications of fraud
  • Conducted hundreds of investigative inquiries including many complex financial investigations of major criminal violations of federal laws
  • Prepared detailed investigative reports, resulting in criminal prosecution and convictions
  • Conducted numerous surveillance activities, search warrants, arrest warrants and lengthy long-term investigations of major figures in the Minneapolis, St. Paul metropolitan area
  • Assisted in the course of many Federal District court criminal trials, one of which lasted nearly one year
  • Testified on numerous occasions as the chief witness for the Government in the prosecution of fraud cases, and, as a Private Investigator, both in court and in depositions
  • Worked under contract with the U.S. Attorney's Office on health care fraud issues
  • Worked under contract with the U.S. Public Defender's office as investigator for attorneys on the Public Defender panel
  • Worked under contract with the Metropolitan Council-St. Paul, Minnesota, on a large local government investigation

Professional Experience:

  • Kelley, Wolter & Scott, P.A. 2004
  • U.S. Attorneys' Office, Intelligence Analyst-Terrorism Activity ~ 2002-2004
  • Internal Revenue Service, Criminal Investigation Division, Special Agent ~ 1971-1995 (retired)
  • MimCo Investigations, Private Investigator ~ 1995-2002


  • University of Toledo ~ 1968

Pam Myre:

Pam Myre

Pam Myre is a CPA and former special agent for the IRS-Criminal Investigation Division. While at the IRS, she planned and conducted complex investigations involving federal tax evasion, conspiracy, money laundering, Bank Secrecy Act violations and public corruption. Ms. Myre also worked extensively investigating cases of mortgage and healthcare fraud and fraudulent investment schemes.